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Since man has first discovered the beauty of diamonds, he has used these gems as a symbol of wealth and power. The largest and most rare stones have been noted throughout history and become famous diamonds. They have been owned by royalty, collectors and museums.

hope-necklaceThe stories of famous diamonds are filled with passion, murder, insanity, intrigue and envy which add to the mystique of these beautiful diamonds. Many have been associated with famous names like Napoleon, Sultan Babur, Lady Astor, Shah Jehan, Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great and Elizabeth Taylor. Others famous diamonds have inspired awe and legend on account of their size, origins or unique qualities.

Very rarely do diamonds of great sizes reveal themselves to the surface of the earth. When they do, their beauty and majesty hypnotically entertain even those commissioned to polish them. Some of these famous diamonds are incredibly large, even achieving sizes of two hundred plus carats after being cut and polished. Master cutters are inspired to achieve the greatest possible fire or brilliance which results in breathtaking beauty.

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