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Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear stories from clients about their frustrations and disappointments at jewelry stores. Initially we were amazed and shocked at how these diamond shoppers were treated but after hearing story after story, we are now on a mission to provide the advice, support and comfort to diamond shoppers who have been treated poorly.

Years ago one of our mentors, who was an expert witness in many court cases involving customer of jewelry stores suing the stores, told us the judge almost always sides with the jewelry store. Even when the facts show a jewelry store did not fully disclose information or even exaggerated, the courts tend to find that it is the consumer’s responsibility to be informed. In other words, DIAMOND BUYERS BEWARE!

caution-signCaveat emptor is Latin for “let the buyer beware”. While law in most locations requires that goods be of “merchantable quality.” this implied warranty can be difficult to enforce. In addition to the quality of the merchandise, this phrase also applies to the return policy. In many jurisdictions, there is no legal requirement for the vendor to provide a refund or exchange. In some cases, the vendor will not provide a refund but will provide a credit but buyers are should always to be cautious when purchasing large dollar items.

To help you better understand the challenges you will find when shopping for diamonds in a jewelry store, we have provided the stories (topics at the top of the page) conveyed to us by shoppers who have had bad shopping experiences in jewelry stores. We also provide diamond shopping advice so you can avoid these problems in your future.

We have changed the names of the victims but the stories are real.