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Whether it’s elaborate, secret or comic, the moment your “Will you marry me?” question is expressed is one that no woman will ever forget. She will remember every aspect of that moment including the clothes you wear, the music that is playing, the food you are sharing and especially every word you say. To get your engagement off on the right step, put proposal planning high on your priority list.

On our Remember the Romance page, we highlight the importance of a romantic proposal. Remember to make your marriage proposal romantic, relaxed and straight from the heart.

On our Proposal Ideas page, we list a wide variety of creative proposal ideas that might trigger the perfect proposal for you. Reading someone else’s engagement proposal ideas will give you some excellent pointers, tips and traps on creating your own special down on one knee moments. The key is finding the right mix of romance and surprise to make the moment magical.

One of the joys of our business is hearing wonderful proposal stories from our happy clients. We have put together some of our favorite proposal stories for you and hope you will share your story with us when you present her with the beautiful diamond from Diamond Source of Virginia. Click on the links above for some enchanting proposal stories and remember to share yours with us soon